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Design Accent is a provider of 360 degrees All Media Solutions for any brand that wants to promote their services on ONLINE / PRINT / VIDEO platforms. With creative experience as a prime base, we also develop customized software and mobile applications at a fraction of cost as compared to market standards.

The software and mobile apps division focuses primarily on automation of various important function of a company, starting from an HRMS software for tracking the productivity of a BACKOFFICE staff in the office to GPS Based SALES TRACKING APP for the ground staff of a company.

Applications such as these help organizations to increase their team's productivity, save time with minimal paperwork and also generate reports and analysis to help better to focus on large scale expansions and growth of a company.


To be the most trusted and respected professional services firm recognized by our clients for delivering excellence.


Integrity | We do the right thing regardless of the consequences.
Pursuit of Excellence | We continually strive to exceed the expectations of our people and our clients.
Accountability | We take responsibility for individual and collective actions.
Collaboration | We work together to achieve collective and individual goals.
Passion | Our energy and enthusiasm is contagious. We are inspired to make a lasting impact.


To serve our clients by providing the highest quality professional services that address their business issues. We attract, recruit, and retain the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals, and we provide a collaborative culture that enables them to thrive professionally and personally.

We Listen, We Act

We understand that it's not just what we offer; it's also how we do things that make a difference. This means listening to our customers at every stage of our process. And then acting on your opinions when it comes to strategy development, operations optimization and product and service innovation.

Sales GenX


Sales GenX - Sales with Distributor Module

Sales GenX is purely developed keeping in mind with companies who are into Dealers and Distributors of various product-based services. With this Module, our subscribers can add their complete list of products in the admin master along with a small function to add the stock count of the dealer/distributor. Along with all the existing functions of our Sales Genie Mobile and Web Application.


  • Compatible with Android 4 & Above
  • Google Maps & Gps Based
  • Support Smart Phones Only
  • Secured Data & Management
  • Pre-Integrated Web Hosting With Client URL
  • *Comes Under Customize Services

How It Works

Sales Genie - Is an android based sales employee tracking app with web-based admin panel to track the GPS location of sales employees and manage their day activities by capturing updated and authentic data from point of execution. To ensure sales employee tracking becomes so easy for the employers so that they can focus on the right things for the growth. Our sales employee tracking app covers almost all the tasks which a sales executive does daily like meeting customers, giving samples, taking orders, collecting payments, taking feedback, putting advertisement material at customers place and much more.

Improve your sales and service team performance with Sales Genie - GPS tracking for sales reps. The depth of sales analytics and reporting provided by Sales Genie guarantees that your most valuable investment- your sales team - is performing at its best and gives you the data to make big decisions.

When your sales employees check in and out of customer visits with the app, their locations are recorded, the duration of the visit is calculated, and details are mapped out in real-time. This not only lets you stay connected with your team, but also helps you better plan and manage your sales team, territories, and schedules.

Sales employee can enter the Order details which is placed by the client directly using the App and the order is made available in real-time to the head-office/branch-office/sales manager. No more delay in getting daily order details. Outside sales employees and managers can easily pull sales performance reports with the information that is tracked real-time in Sales Genie. This means advanced sales analytics, with almost no additional time for the sales employee or sales manager.

Sales Software

How To Use - Simple Steps

  • Step 1

    Register & Choose Your Plan Online
  • Step 2

    Login On Web-Based / App-Based Dashboard Add Sales Team Member With Basic Details
  • Step 3

    Install Sales Genie Mobile App On Sales Team Mobiles Allow Location Sharing While Installation Login With Username / Password
  • Step 4

    Track Daily Sales Leads & Visits By Sales Rep
  • Step 5

    Analysis Weekly / Monthly Sales Report Analysis /Time Management By Sales Rep /Spot Sales Performers & Defaulters
Sign Up Features
  • Real-Time GPS location
  • Geo, time-tagged attendance
  • Location specific attendance*
  • Daily visit logs*
  • Conveyance Management
  • Sales managers access reports online
  • Add new client data with GPS info
  • Assign tasks to users nearest to the client
  • Send communication via Notifications
  • Offline Tracking in case of poor network

*Comes Under Customize Services

Main Features
  • Add Complete Product List with SKU no. in the Admin Master
  • Standard Stock Count for reference of the Dealer/Distributor
  • Sales Rep can take orders based on the pre-listed product list in the app
  • Sales Rep can add existing product stock count of the Dealer/Distributor
  • Admin can generate reports consisting of Product Orders & Stock Count

*Plus All the Existing Features & Functions of Sales Genie App

Security Features – Admin (login)
  • Logout Sales Rep anytime on the field
  • OTP Based All Download Reports by any users.
  • Sales Rep can view only self-generated data
  • Manager / G.M can monitor and review only self team
  • Active GPS Location mandatory to use the App.
  • Data Entry possible in case of low network area
Features & Benefits
  • Birds eye view of the sales calls & team turn-over
  • Easy To Use And Install On Android Mobiles
  • Track Daily Sales Calls & Visits
  • GPS Based Sales Management App
  • Instant Courtesy Notifications & Alerts*
  • Complete Management By Mobile App
  • Low Bandwidth Requirement On Mobiles
  • Spots Sales Performers & Defaulters


  • Instant News Ticker for Sales Updates
  • Add client visit based conveyance costs
  • Various Alerts & Notifications
  • Broadcast Messages to various teams.
  • Assign Monthly Amount Turnover Target to teams
  • Assign Monthly Calls/Visit Target to teams
  • Monthly attendance sheet with Punch in – out along with GPS location.
  • Stay Connected With Your Team
  • Improve Sales Level Monitoring
  • Easy Client Management
  • Instant New Meeting Alerts To Sales Reps*
  • Reduce Daily Data Collection Time & Focus On Analysis
  • Ready To Review Sales Reports – Instantly
  • Calculate Basic Client Acquisition Costs
  • Auto Thank You Email to Clients on Visits
  • Bulk Upload of leads & Bulk Download of reports

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